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Computer Speaker For Mac

When it comes to choosing the best computer speakers for your Apple gadgets, the same rules that you would use to choose a speaker system for your stereo or home theater system apply. Cheap, no-name speakers are no bargain, but there are many quality, inexpensive entry-level models from reputable manufacturers that will do a great job of accurate sound reproduction for your Apple handheld or Mac computing needs.

Wired Speakers For Apple Gadgets

The conventional 1/8" or 3.5mm speaker audio input jack remains the most common way to get audio out of Apple gadgets. So wired speakers, earbuds and headphones still rule the day. Especially in a fixed, desktop enviroment where wires are inevitable, conventional computer speakers are an easy choice. However, for roaming laptop and mobile device users, other snag and tangle-free audio connections may make better sense.

Mac Music To Your Ears

Regardless your musical tastes - These Mac audio peripherals One-Up Apple's standard issue headphones or built-in speakers for an improved listening experience:
2.1 Desktop SpeakersUSB 3.0 Powered Speakers Affordable 3-Piece Speakers
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H-K Sound-Sticks III
Hi-Powered USB 3.0 Speakers

1-Cable Self Powered
Logitech 2.1 Speakers

Compact Sub-Woofer

Whether used for personal music listening, watching TV over the internet or DVD playback, as portable stereo speakers for use on the road, or deep bass thump at your Mac's desktop: These are a sample of some exceptional Apple audio accessories to improve your Apple computing experience.

Wireless Speakers For iPad - iPhone - Mac

Going wireless is all the rage: Frankly most of us already have a rat's nest tangle of wires clogging up our computer lives. So the prospect of wireless speakers for our Apple iGadgets and Mac laptops and desktops is highly appealing.

Bluetooth Travel Speaker

HandsFree Bluetooth Call Handling
USB Rechargeable Battery

With A2DP stereo audio support in Bluetooth, high-quality listening of stereo streaming audio became possible and was first implemented in Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard. With Apple now including built-in Bluetooth hardware and software in all Mac's and most iGadgets these days, wireless Bluetooth speakers are an easy match.

USB-Powered Speakers For MacBooks

Equally at home at your Apple computer's desktop - and ideal for MacBook laptop users on the go, USB speakers deliver clean digital stereo sound AND get their 5 volts of power all from a single USB cable.

Phillips Soundbar

Compact Stereo Sound

USB audio isn't terribly demanding of bandwidth, so even if you have an old Mac or iBook with slow USB 1.1 ports USB speakers work fine, they really don't need the speed of USB 2.0 or SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports. In simple electronic terms, VOLTS times AMPS equals WATTS. So given the 5v, 500ma available from a USB 1 or 2 port, USB-powered speakers typically deliver about 1.5 to 3 watts audio power at most. With good, sensitive, and well-engineered speaker drivers this can provide a good close-range listening experience that falls a bit short of 'room-filling' sound.

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