Apple MacBook Laptop Speaker Systems

USB Computer Speaker Systems For MacBook

For some Apple users, the best external MacBook speakers sound great at both their desktop and are easily toted in thier Mac laptop case to enjoy improved stereo audio when traveling. Requiring no batteries, these USB MacBook computer speakers get all their power from a Mac's USB port and deliver pure digital stereo audio over a single cable.

Top USB Powered Speakers For Mac

Quality USB Soundbar

Kinivo Clip-On Speaker

Our top choice for a portable MacBook speaker system. The sound quality is superb for such a compact USB travel speaker. The smartly designed clip-on style does NOT block your MacBook's built-in iSight webcam - or placed on your desktop. A single USB cable delivers stereo audio and power for a simple, neat audio solution. It can be a little top-heavy clipped atop a MacBook Air, but otherwise a great choice for a very compact travel speaker.

USB Altec Orbit

Speaker With Travel Case

Altec-Lansing's best-selling 1-piece speaker with high quality driver and travel case. Although it's a sigle-speaker design, the response is so much broader than my MacBook speakers are I don't miss the lack of stereo separation - and it's portability and solid design is superb for travel audio.

USB 2.0 Travel Speakers

Wide Stereo Separation

The Altec-Lansing Orbit speakers are innovatively designed and ideal for Mac laptop use: Snap apart USB stereo speaker modules yield a wide, ambient sound-field and snap back together for easy portability, flip-up stands also angle the sound upwards towards you're ears for an awesome listening experience.

Desktop USB Speaker Systems

For a bit more bass and wider frequency response at your Mac desktop, these larger 2-piece USB powered computer speakers deliver fuller-range sound.

JBL USB Speakers

2.0 Desktop System

JBL - Harman just released the stylish USB bus powered 2.0 'Pebbles' system delivering fantastic sound from very high-quality USB speakers. Features finger-touch volume adjustment dial, integrated cable management, and a 1/8" stereo input jack for your Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod. One of the best-sounding USB loudspeakers made to date!

Logitech 2.0 USB Speaker

With iTunes Remote

Logitech's ommi-directional USB-powered speaker towers were perhaps the best sounding completely USB-powered speakers ever available - and come with a handy remote control for Apple iTunes and other audio playback control. Now discontinued, but you might still be able to find a new or refurbished set.

Affordable USB Speakers

$15 Logitech S150's

#1 selling USB desktop speakers from Logitech. Suprising full-range stereo sound and a budget price make these a great single-cable self-powered USB set of desktop speakers for Mac mini, MacBook or Macintosh Pro towers. I personally own this speaker system and love their very compact size and pleasing low-end response. They aren't particularly LOUD and the high frequencies aren't nearly as crisp as some other USB systems, but overall their sound quality is more balanced and pleasing than most that I've tested.

USB-Powered Speakers For MacBooks

Equally at home at your Apple computer's desktop - and ideal for MacBook laptop users on the go, USB speakers deliver clean digital stereo sound AND get their 5 volts of power all from a single USB cable.

Stereo USB audio doesn't need much bandwidth, so even old Macs or iBooks with USB 1.1 ports are fine for USB speakers. The extra speed of USB 2 or SuperSpeed USB 3 Mac ports doesn't really matter for sound output. Mac audio recording equipment though, higher USB bus speeds help minimize latency delivering the audio packets. In simple electronic terms, Self-powered USB deivces are somewhat limited by the 5 volt power available on a USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 port. VOLTS times AMPS equals WATTS. So given the 5v, 500ma available from a USB 1 or 2 port, USB-powered speakers typically deliver about 1.5 to 3 watts audio power at most. With good, sensitive, and well-engineered speaker drivers this can provide a good close-range listening experience that falls a bit short of 'room-filling' sound. Quality drivers, like those from Logitech in particular, make the most of the 5 volts available.

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