Best Reference & Desktop Speaker Systems For Quality Mac Audio

Best-Selling Hi-Fi Apple Computer Speakers

Give your Apple Macintosh quality listening experience a leg up with these computer speakers. Best-selling 2.1 subwoofer speaker systems and 2.0 studio monitor speakers for full bass-rumbling sound.

Quality Mac Speakers for Gamers and Home Audio Buffs

If your thin wallet and meager ears aren't up for true audiophile quality speakers - there's still some highly affordable, quality computer speakers for Mac and Apple gadgets that can extend the frequency response of your music and audio experience - without breaking the bank.
Mac Surround Sound SpeakersPopular 2.1 Desktop SpeakersBest Cheap 2.1 Speakers
Immersive 5.1 Speaker System

75 Watts 10" Woofer
On-Speaker Controls
Best-Selling 2.1 Speaker

Eagle-Tech Soundstage
Affordable Full-Range 2.1 Audio

Remote Volume Control

Studio Monitor Speakers for Mac

For Amateur or Professional recording studio playback, you want the best studio monitors you can afford for clean, prisitne audiophle quality sound reproduction. This sampling of the more affordable 2.0 reference monitor speaker systems feature extra input jacks and connectivity options, or extended on-speaker controls for shaping the sound to your liking, all within arm's reach.

Compact Reference MonitorsAudio Recording Desktop SpeakersMost Popular Monitor System
Behringer 2.0 Studio Speakers

Volume - Bass - Treble On-Board
1/8" TRS and RCA Inputs
Alesis M1 Studio Monitors

Integrated USB Audio Interface
2-1/4" Inputs - 25/50 Watts
MAudio AV-40 Powered Speakers

RCA, 1/4 & 1/8" Inputs

Personally I'm a huge fan of Dance, Trance and Electronica, so I prefer Studio Monitors at home on my desktop, I just really need and want great bass response and absolutely clean audio reproduction when listening to the subtleties of great remix artists and Gay dance music remixes and extended tracks.

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